Tourism and Hotel Consulting

Strategy Development and Consulting
Marketing Consulting
Finance Concepts
Interim Management for tourism organizations

We offer solutions in a variety of fields such as strategy development and consulting, marketing consulting, finance concepts and interim management for tourism organisations.

Tourism is dependent on the guest’s experiences. Ideally these are a result of a well-planned and longstanding consistent implementation. A solid business strategy, firmly entrenched values and a team that is convincing in both a personal and professional way can be key success factors for a hotel or resort. When planned carefully from the beginning, the business will develop into an overall positive experience.

Based on our professional experiences we can identify gaps in the market, know the desires of the guests and promising strategies. Our consulting services include detailed marketing, site and feasibility analyses. This offers the foundation for your decision making process in terms of investment, financing, refurbishment, project development or purchase decision.

A project concluding a holistic approach
pfeil-f Eco-Village Nagorno-Karabakh

Another creative concept
pfeil-i Chair Lift Kerenzerberg