Zentrum Ranft

Operational Concept and Business Plan

Client: Sponsorship «zentrumRANFT» under the direction of Ursula Bründler Stadler
What: Operational Concept and Business Plan
Where: 6073 Flüeli-Ranft
When: March 2017
Link: www.zentrumranft.ch

The „Zentrum RANFT“ is situated in the heart of the nature with view of the Sarnersee and the mountains. Considering the values “stillness, spirituality and solidarity“, the house offers different courses for people looking for intensified mindfulness and spirituality. The stay is accompanied by a vegan-vegetarian diet. Futhermore, a living unit for „time-out“ guests and teenagers is planned at a later stage.

The project, in cooperation with the universities, aims to promote inter-religious dialogue. Offering an open space for meditation and encounters, the non-profit organization actively contributes to nonviolence with an ecological and social responsibility.

gutundgut developed the operational concept as well as the business plan for the center in March 2017, which has been managed under the new sponsorship since August 2017.

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