Piz Amalia Music Festival

Promotion of Reserve Musicians

Client: Project of gutundgut
What: Overall Concept, Brainstorming, Networking, Cultural Management, Communication, Realisation
Where: CH-7550 Scuol and The Hague in the Netherlands
When: since 2015, annual event in September
Link: www.engadin.com
Link: www.youtube.com

On the occasion of Princess Amalia’s birth (crown princess of the Netherlands) in 2004 the municipality and regional tourism organisation of Scuol named a mountain after her. This event was an expression of the close friendship between Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Inspired by the relationship between the two countries gutundgut thought of the project «Music Festival Piz Amalia». The aim of the smallest music festival of Switzerland is to promote a collaboration between reserve musicians of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and Swiss musical talents. A series of small concerts have been played in special locations around the Piz Amalia and accompanied by an active framework programme. The large concert took place two months later at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.


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