Mountain office – Coworking

Idea Development and Concept

Client: Project by gutundgut
What: Idea Development, Concept and Implementation

So far coworking-spaces are almost exclusively found in urban regions. Different international coworking-spaces have formed to networks which allows their members to work in various spaces worldwide. Due to the increasing merging of work and leisure, the demand for working spaces in peripheral areas with high leisure activity will probably increase as well in the coming years.

The project „Mountain office – Coworking“ should create temporary and attractive working spaces which can be integrated into the international coworking networks. These working spaces allow the users to combine work and leisure/holiday in an attractive environment. They can hold meetings or complete individual tasks in a relaxed atmosphere in order to effectively deal with any pending issues. Furthermore, the visitors can resort to accommodations and catering possibilities of the destination whilst at work they can contact interesting local businesses.

gutundgut developed the idea and provided the corresponding concepts for the implementation of the project.

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