City Hall Utrecht

New Construction

Client: NS Poort, Property Development, Utrecht
What: Brainstorming, Overall Concept, Test Planning
Where: NL-3521 AZ Utrecht
When: 2012
Architect: Dirk Jan Postel, Kraaijvanger with Christian Müller, Rotterdam
Project architect: Dirk Jan Postel and Christian Müller (Partner of gutundgut)
Awards: BNA Building of the Year, Nomination, Amsterdam
THE PLAN Award, Shortlist 2015, Bologna
Rietveldpreis 2015 Shortlist, Utrecht

The civic centre with a public open hall over several levels will be situated at the prime site of Utrecht Central Station. At this extremely complex location in the heart of the city the new civic centre is not, as one would expect, placed next to the public transport terminal, a building of architect Benthem-Crouwel, but cantilevers above it. This results in an overlap and direct confrontation of publicness of the civic centre and the central station.

To master the scale of the 65,000 m2 area gross and the rather compact footprint the mass of the building had to be shaped well thought-out. Several types of buildings will be stacked on top of each other – each part with a different exposure and atmosphere. The result is a sculptural building that hosts a variety of public and semi-public spaces and generates spectacular viewpoints from different levels to its direct surroundings.

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