500th Anniversary Zurich Reformation

Project Management for association “500 years Zurich reformation”

Client: Association «500th Anniversary Zurich Reformation»
What: Overall project management, Secretariat-general, Concept Overall Communication, Call for Participation, Development and Extension of the Network, Strategy Consulting
Where: CH-8001 Zürich
When: June 2014 to present
Link: www.zuercher-reformation.ch/

Zurich is one of the most important centres of the European Reformation. For the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (core period: 2017-2019) the Reformed Church, the city of Zurich, the canton of Zurich as well as Zurich Tourism have established the «Project Platform 500th Anniversary Zurich Reformation». The aim is to bring together people from different sectors to participate in discussing the Reformation and its impact on Zurich today.

gutundgut supported the office with the establishment of a summary application for the lottery funds of the Canton Zurich. They also actively contacted creative artists of whole Switzerland and encouraged them to submit a project. In a second phase gutundgut worked on the development of the platform, the overall communication as well as the networking of relevant partners and the involvement of the population of Zurich at an early stage.

Further networking:
pfeil-b Competence Centre Hof de Planis

Old and new values brought together:
pfeil-r Choir Area St.Ursen-Cathedral Solothurn