Ambassador for the Swiss Museum Pass

Social Media Concept

Client: Swiss Museum Pass
What: Strenghtening social media presence
Where: Switzerland
When: February – March 2017

The Swiss Museum Pass is building up a network of ambassadors, who will visit Swiss museums and share their experiences on the social media channel Instagram in a pictorial form.

Each year 50 Museum Pass „ambassadors“ are chosen by means of a public competition. They will receive a free museum pass and post pictures of their museum visits on Instagram. To become an ambassador, one must use the hashtag #museumspassambassador on Instagram.

The aim is to strengthen the social media presence of the Swiss Museum Pass and as a positive side effect, increase the visitor numbers at Swiss museums.

The strong presence on Instagram will raise the level of awareness of the Swiss Museum Pass throughout Switzerland, or even worldwide.

gutundgut developed the idea as well as the concept for the Swiss Museum Pass.

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