Place Making

Service Development
Master Planning
Feasibility Study
Building and Extending of Networks
Support in Idea-Finding Processes
Development Planning in Consideration
Development of Events
Revision of Overall Planning (Building, Operation, Communication)

Place Making goes beyond destination management. We believe that it is essential to experience a location with all of its facets before the implementation of a project. gutundgut offers concepts with economically efficient service development, master planning, architecture, feasibility studies and the revision of overall planning.

Besides the creation of a target group and a site analysis, gutundgut focuses on development planning in consideration of building, operation and communication. Including factors such as the population, the locality and the environment during the planning process results in sustainable offers and projects. We offer support in idea-finding processes as well as the development of events and are specialised in the building and extending of networks. gutundgut aims to combine the advantages of regional development, tourism, architecture and marketing to create sustainable projects together with our clients.

A successful example of Place Making
pfeil-fMountain Office

international Place Making
pfeil-i Eco-Village Nagorno Karabakh