Tourist Office 3.0

Brainstorming and implementation

What: Redefining tomorrow’s tourist office
Where: Switzerland

People nowadays use apps, interactive maps, Siri and search engines – why should they still visit a tourist’s office? With changing customer requirements and new technologies we have to rethink our strategies. Which additional value can we offer tourists and guests in a region? Which interaction is desired in the future? What synergies will arise in rural areas and holiday destinations?

Together with pilot destinations gutundgut is developing a model or a number of models for the Tourist Office 3.0. The needs of the affected target groups will be analyzed, the interaction between tourism organizations and service providers as well as guests will be evaluated and measures in the areas of content, infrastructure and organization will be defined. The realization in the pilot destinations will serve as a guideline for future projects of this kind.

Institutions as well as universities have already shown interest in the project and wish to actively engage in the discussion about the future role of tourist information.

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